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    Surgical Kits Design Features

    Bioconcept offers dentists with our cutting-edge Dental Implant Surgical Kits, meticulously designed to revolutionize your implantation procedures, including BV Standard Surgical Kit, Ultra Kit, Bone Expander Kit, Prosthetic Kit, Mini Kit and Guide Kit. Crafted with precision and durability, various Bioconcept BV Kits ensures efficient experience for both practitioners and patients.

Precision Instruments

Each instrument in the kit is crafted with utmost precision, guaranteeing accuracy during implantation procedures.

Sequentially arranged instruments for a logical and efficient surgical process can simplify procedures and optimize workflow.

Comprehensive Toolset

A comprehensive range of tools, from implant pilot drills, twist drills, drivers to depth gauges, etc., ensure you have everything you need in one place.

Durable Design

High-quality instruments with lasting performance are designed and manufactured to withstand rigorous use, ensuring longevity and reliability in your practice.

Surgical Procedure Demo

Neck Φ5.1/Bottom Φ3.7

1.Locating: Use guide drill with 1500 rpm

•  Pierce cortex to locate. Ideal rotate speed: 1500rpm

2.Orientating: Use Φ2.0 Twist Drill with 1000rpm

•  Drill to 5mm, feel bone quality, use parallel pin to verify the direction. Sidecut drill can be used for changing direction.

•  Drill until stop ring.

•  Use depth gauge to detect hole's depth and bottom condition.

3.Reaming: Use Φ3.0 Twist Drill,Taper Drill, Taper Cortical Drill with 1000rpm

•  Normal Bone (D2-D3): Use taper drill of equal diameter and length as the implant's.

•  Soft bone (D4): Use smaller diameter taper drill.

•  Hard Bone (D1): Use taper cortical drill specifically designed.

4.Implanting: turn clockwise up to a maximum of 25rpm

•  Implant by hand when there's 1 to 2 thread left.

•  Implanting depth should be the same as bone plane or under bone for 0.5-1mm.

•  Torque should be controlled between 25~40Ncm.

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