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BC Tissue Level Prosthetics

Accurate positioning

Tissue level dental abutments provide precise control over the positioning of the prosthesis, reduce the risk of complications, such as improper occlusion or incorrect positioning of the prosthesis.

Reduced chairside time

Tissue level abutments allow for faster and more efficient chairside procedures, beneficial for both patients and clinicians.

Reduced complications

Tissue level abutments are designed to closely match the contours of the patient's tissues, reducing the risk of irritation, infection, and other complications.

Long-term stability

Tissue level abutments can withstand the forces exerted by the prosthesis, reducing the need for frequent adjustments and ensuring optimal function.

BC Bone Level (Tapered) Prosthetics

Improved Esthetics

Bone level abutments help achieve optimal soft tissue contouring around the implant, leading to better esthetic outcomes.

Enhanced Stability

Bone level abutments are designed to provide better stability and support for the restoration.

Flexible Prosthetic Options

Bone level abutments can be customized to fit specific needs of each patient with various abutments, allowing for better adaptation to individual anatomical variations.

Improved Comfort

Patients often report greater comfort with bone level abutments, as they are designed to be less invasive and provide a more natural feel.

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