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Prosthetic Abutments

Ideal Solution to Comfort and Convenience

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    Prosthetic Abutments Design Features

    Bioconcept offers a wide variety of abutments tailored with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.

    The abutment lineup includes

    Transfer Abutments

    Angled Abutments

    Multiunit Straight, 17°, 30°




Multi-unit Abutment

Screw Retained Restoration for Multiple Tooth Loss,

Especially for Full Arch Restoration

Multi-unit Abutments simplify surgical procedures and broaden dental implant indications. They offer various angulations, accommodating unique anatomical features of each patient, especially for patients with alveolar bone deficiency. This versatility enhances the precision of dental implant placement.

CAD/CAM Ti-Customized Abutment

Best Solution for Aesthetics and Long-term Stability

Highest Accuracy Guaranteed

CAD/CAM Ti-Customized abutments contribute to improved aesthetics by enabling the customization of the emergence profile. This helps in achieving a natural and harmonious appearance of the final restoration.

A single CAD/CAM abutment can be used for various cases. This simplification reduces the complexity of inventory management and procedural planning.

Equator Abutment

Ideal Full Overdenture solution

Smallest Attachment for Better Aesthetic Effect

Bioconcept Equator abutments are the low profile titanium implant abutment.

Gingival heights available from 1 mm up to 6 mm.

The retentive caps allows for correction of implant divergency up to 50°.

Full-line Abutment Solution
Makes Restoration Easier and Better

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