BV System


Surgical and Prosthetic Procedures

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    BV Key Design Features

    Internal hex connection

    Tapered body

    11° Morse taper

    S-L-A Surface

    Pure Titanium Grade 4

    Snap-in transfer mount

Platform Switching & Open thread

Allows clinicians to place crestal or subcrestal

Parallel surface, Conical contact

Can obtain the best mechanical stability performance, avoid clinical complications including thread loosening,fracture effectively

Shallow Thread

Upper shallow thread structure has good initial stability in soft bone

Internal Connection

Upper 11 morse taper,has excellent load distribution and sealing

Internal hexagon connection has excellent anti-rotation ability

Double-Lead Thread

Double-lead thread with same pitch can achieve rapid primary stability and reduce bone tension

Spiral Cutting Edge

Strong self-tapping can modify the implant direction and increase primary stability

Surface Treatment

S-L-A (Sand-blasting,Large-grit,Acidetched)treatment is "Gold Standard"with gradual roughness changes from neck to root.Promotes osseointegration and reduces incidence of peri-implantitis

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S-L-A Treatment

BIOCONCEPT S-L-A Treated Titanium Implant

The S-L-A surface is produced using a Large-grit; Sandblasting technique that generates a Macro- Roughness on the titanium surface with an Acid-etching technique superimposes a Micro -Roughness on the titanium surface. The Resulting topography offers the ideal structure for bone cell attachment.

S-L-A Implant Stability-Time Table

Carrier and Packing

Patented Carrier Design

Carrier simply “Clicks” in place

Hexagon dodecagon design can ensure the accuracy of internal hexagon

No screws necessary for release

Carrier can be used as occlusal indexing pin

Cover Screw provided sterile

Cover Screw is included in the sterile packaging cap

Double deck sterile packaging

Design promotes the best-in-class handling for sterile surgical environment

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BV Implants

Key BV Features:

Φ (mm) : 3.5 | 4.0 | 4.5 | 5.0 | 6.0 | 7.0

L (mm) : 7 | 8.5 | 10 | 11.5 | 13 | 15

Ti Grade 4 (ZAPP) and S-L-A Surface

Tapered Bone Level

▪ Self-tapping, bi-thread extrusion

▪ Platform switching and open thread

▪ Connection: Hexagon, 11° morse-taper

▪ Plug-in patented carrier

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