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    Digital Solutions Features

    Digital dentistry not only enhances the efficiency and precision of dental procedures but also improves patient experience and accessibility to quality dental care. Bioconcept offers various digital tools and products to further provide innovative solutions for digital implantation.

    Bioconcept digital solutions cover the process from data collecting, surgical planning, implant placement, impression taking, abutment design to crown design, offering dentists, lab technicians and patients with premium products, high efficiency and flexible options.

BV Guide Kit

Optimal option for digital implantation
Security guarantee for cases with high risks and complexity
Convenient and efficient in flapless implant surgery
Imported raw materials, advanced heating processing technology and optimized structure, ensuring the durability of instruments
High operative stability, excellent drill sharpness, and low heating effects

Scanbodies & Digital Analogs

Optimal option for digital impression taking, fast and efficient

Shorter and longer specifications meet different clinical and laboratory demands

Special surface coating ensures product hydrophobicity and better cleanability

Color marking can easily distinguish Mini Type from Regular Type

Libraries for 3Shape & EXOCAD are available

BV Tibase Abutment

Ideal solution to anterior prosthesis in the esthetic zone

Premium option for chair-side immediate prosthesis

Screw retained types enhances the convenience of maintenance

Upper undercut connection design enhances adhesion strength

Various specifications available

CAD/CAM Ti-Customized Abutment

Best solution for aesthetics and long-term stability

Improved customization of the emergence profile promotes natural and harmonious appearance of the final restoration

Meet different demands of clinical cases and procedural planning

Highest Accuracy Guaranteed

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CAD/CAM Ti-Customized

Pre-Milled Abutments

▪ BC

▪ BV

▪ Dentium

▪ Nobel


▪ MG

▪ Astra

▪ Highest Accuracy Guaranteed

▪ Best Solution for Aesthetics and LT Stability

▪ Extended Prosthetics Solution

▪ Maximum Design Freedom

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