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Prof.Dr. M. Kemal ÜNSAL


Prof.Dr. M. Kemal ÜNSAL was born in 1965. He had his high school education in Ankara, Turkey.In October 1994 he has been awarded his Ph D degree.He  is the founder and current president of TFI (Together for Implantology)  a non profit post graduate educational organization in Turkey.

Prof. Dr. CelalBahadırGiray


Prof.  Dr. CelalBahadırGiray was born in İstanbul in 21 July 1962. He finished  lycee in TED Ankara College (1977-1980). He finished Hacettepe  University Faculty of Dentistry (1981-1986) and then he made PhD in  HacettepeUniversitesi Faculty of Dentistry oral and Maxillofacial  Surgery(1986-1991).his research fields are Wound Healing Systems  ,Bone  GraftingSystems ,TME&Orthognatic Surgery ,Oral Implantology  ,Ostedistraction Systems

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