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Launch of Bioconcept BITEC Overseas Webinar

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Good news!

“Our BITEC Overseas Webinar Launched!

Our BITEC Overseas Webinar Launched!

Our BITEC Overseas Webinar Launched! “

BITEC (Bioconcept International Tech & Education Center), the advanced academic implantation training platform, was founded in 2015, providing professional, systematic, comprehensive dentistry training for China & global dentists. 

BITEC is devoted to being the most authoritative, most professional and most advanced platform for academic exchange, technology sharing and Q&A interaction. 

Since the foundation, we have invited more than 100 lecturers to give lectures on theoretical trainings, clinical practice and research & educational programs. We organized domestic and overseas academic events, and attracted more than 5000 doctors all over the world. 

With the development of Internet and changes in social environment as well as the influence of COVID-19, BITEC launched the Overseas Webinar in October in 2021 to serve China and international dentists and customers, to share international advanced clinical technology and to provide diversified academic exchange platform. 

COVID-19 can’t prevent us from meeting online. 

This October, we invited Dr. Roberto Rossi to give the first overseas webinar. Dr. Rossi had the excellent lecture on “GBR in the New Millennium Biology Meets Function and Esthetics”. He shared his experience and different implantation cases through videos and comparative images so actively and impressively. Hundreds of online audience across the world attended the lecture and had academic exchanges with Dr. Rossi, enjoying the wonderful online academic time. 


The lecture lasted for 1 hour. After the professional explanation, heated discussion and impressive presentation, BITEC first overseas webinar came to the end with success. But learning enthusiasm and academic demands never end. 

Brief is life, but learning is long. Let’s expect next online appointment! See you next time!