BV Tapered bone level implant

BV Tapered bone level implant

Internal hex connection, to connect with its corresponding prothetics components

Taper body with corkscrew thread design strengthens self-tapping performance

11° Morse taper

S-L-A Surface

Pure Titanium Grade 4

Snap-in mounting transfer piece makes the handling much easier

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BV Tapered Bone Level Implants
BV Tapered Bone Level Implants have a tapered and self-cutting design, providing ideal initial stability. The apically slight thread design has improved the initial stability in soft bone.
BV ultra-wide implant
BV ultra-wide implant is suitble for posterior extraction and immediate placement,and replacement of failed implant case. Its efficient apex design ensures good initial stability at the depth of 3mm after extraction. Recommended implant diameter in posterior for single teeth missing case: Minimum Ø4.5mm.