BC Tissue Level Implant Line

BC Tissue Level Implant Line

The classic implant shape, designed for one-stage surgery, can simplify the operation and reduce the complexity of the treatment, which not only assures bone preservation, but also protect soft tissue stability around the implant.

Inner conical octagon connection is applied to connect with the corresponding prosthetic components.

8°morse-taper.Thread pitch of the implant:1~1.25mm

S-L-A Surface

Pure Titanium Grade 4

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BC Standard Implants
BC Standard Implants have a smooth neck section of 2.8 mm and are suitable for classic single-stage procedures.
BC Standard Plus Implants
BC Standard Plus Implants have a shorter smooth neck section of 1.8 mm that allows flexible coronoapical implant placement in combination with trans- or subgingival healing.They are particularly useful in the anterior tooth region of the maxilla, where esthetic demands are high.
BC Tapered Effect Implants
BC Tapered Effect Implants have a smooth neck section of 1.8mm. Its cylindrical shape in its apical region and a conical shape in the coronal region, making this implant particularly suitable for immediate or early implantation following extraction or loss of natural teeth.The thread pitch of 0.8 mm provides excellent primary stability.