BC Bone Level(Tapered) Implant Line

BC Bone Level(Tapered) Implant Line

Flexible implants with excellent aesthetics

Cross connection is applied to connect with corresponding prosthetic components.

S-L-A Surface

Pure Titanium Grade 4

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BC Bone Level Implants
BC Bone Level Implants have a cylindrical outer contour and are suitable for bone level treatments in combination with trans- or subgingival healing.
BC Tapered Bone Level Implants
BC Tapered Bone Level Implants have all the clinically proven features of the BC Bone Level Implants and additionally it has the advantages of a tapered implant body. It has an apically tapered and self-cutting design, making this implant particularly suitable for anatomically and clinically challenging situations like those involving soft bone or fresh extraction sockets where higher initial stability is required.The tapered form enables placement in the underprepared osteotomy. It also gives you the flexibility to make the most of your patient's limited anatomy such as facial undercuts, converging root tips, concave jaw structure or narrow atrophied ridges.