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Bioconcept® Dental Implants System

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Bioconcept dental implant system is as below,


Bioconcept BC Tissue Level Implant System

For Bioconcept Tissue Level Implant System, there is three types for the system, that is Standard Implant(S), Standard Plus Implant(SP), Tapered Effected Implant(TE). Their neck height is the biological width. The embedded column footing is easy for transferring and initial stability, especially for tapered effect implant. The root of implant is covered by pure titanium(USTM Grade4) and with S-L-A surface, which has excellent bio-compatibility and good physical and mechanical performances.   

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Bioconcept BC Bone Level Implant System   

Bioconcept Bone Level implants are suitable for bone level treatment in combination with trans- or subgingival healing together with corresponding prosthetic components from Bone Level product portfolio to provide consistent emergence profiles and esthetic results. The feature of BC Bone Level System is similar with BC Tissue Level System, except the implant neck.    

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Bioconcept BV Tapered Bone Level Implant System  

With continuous efforts, we published a new production line in the year 2016, that is Bioconcept Valued(BV) system, which is compatible with Osstem TSIII and Hiossen ETIII System.

It is hexagon connection, which differ with octagon connection for Bioconcept Classic(BC) system.

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